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Sachet Powders

The use of Sachet powders is rich and varied and those in the know have used them for a multitude of conditions. We have been told that you can place a little powder in a bag and tie around the neck or place a little on the body each morning to help draw that and those you desire to you. Put a little in the four corners of a room or on your door step to help drive out unwanted influences. Dress papers or petitions to help give you that “edge” or even throw a bit at your enemies, their property or their tracks to bring about unfavorable conditions on them. Sachets are preferred by some to oils or perfumes, because there is no fear of using too much and thus making the user appear “loud” or vulgar. We make no claims of supernatural efficacy of this, but sell these fine Sachet Powders as a curio only.

List of Sachet Powders We Normally Stock:

Lucky Mojo Crown Of Success Powder
“May all your works be crowned with success”.  For CAREER, SCHOOL and STAGE these Lucky Mojo Crown of Success products are the most widely purchased by customers in the know.  In these troubled times where jobs are at a premium and money tight, you can’t afford to loose your edge. 
Lucky Mojo Fast Luck Sachet Powder
Fast Luck, alleged to bring luck in a hurry in matters of money, love, and business, is one of the most famous Hoodoo recipes in American Hoodoo today.  This fast luck recipe has been known to those who need FAST LUCK since as early as 1930.  Fast Luck will draw money, luck and love QUICKLY.
Lucky Mojo Follow Me Boy Sachet Powder
To us, no one label is more evocative then the Lucky Mojo Follow Me Boy label.  The beautiful vintage label is as authentic as the recipe itself.  If you are a woman or gay man and wish to control or dominate your male partner these products will have him following you like a dog. 
Lucky Mojo Hot Foot Powder
Hot Foot is an old and well known Hoodoo formula, with a basis in African foot track Magic. Lucky Mojo HOT FOOT products are used to Rid yourself of Unwanted Guests, Lovers, or Enemies.
Lucky Mojo Love Me Sachet Powder
Don’t be frustrated by the confusion of a tepid love affair!  Get them to openly declare their feelings of love!  We all know how painful it is to love a person and not knowing if our love is returned.  Use Lucky Mojo Love Me products to draw your lover closer to you.  Keep your lover faithful; improve the romance, and generate passion. 
Lucky Mojo Money Draw Powder
Money Drawing is an old formula that is used to draw income. If you need to draw money to yourself or your family, this is the NUMBER ONE Hoodoo oil for that condition. Use this oil on yourself by anointing your hands, on your money to draw more, on Vigil Candles to bring in more money.

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Our team of certified occult practitioners include graduates of the Hoodoo Rootwork Course by catherine yronwode. All custom items done in accordance with authentic rootwork blessings, prayers, and practices.

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