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Lucky Mojo Brand condition and dressing oils are made with pure essential oils, occult roots, and magical herbs. Each bottle has herbs or roots directly in the bottle. DO NOT be misled by other oils that do not contain herbs in the bottle, you may very well be purchasing nothing but colored liquid. These Magic Occult Oils have been a part of the American Hoodoo Magic practice for hundreds of years. DO NOT be taken in by modern fancy products that do not offer these PROVEN RECIPES.

List of Occult Oils We Normally Stock:

Lucky Mojo Adam And Eve Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Those who claim to know say that Products made with the ADAM and EVE ROOT are used successfully by those wanting to WIN in Love Affairs and Games of Chance. These Lucky Mojo Products are said to bring GOOD LUCK to those who use them.
Lucky Mojo Attraction Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Like iron filings to a horseshoe, this formula does it all!  Attract MORE LOVE, MORE MONEY, MORE LUCK, MORE FRIENDS – for the person who wants it all.  Don’t wait for the luck of the draw in life, go ahead! Stack the Deck!  These quality Lucky Mojo Attraction products will help you draw all that you should desire into your life. 
Lucky Mojo Blessing Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Could you use some Blessings in your Life? People have used Lucky Mojo BLESSING supplies to Bless a New Home, to Aid and Comfort the Afflicted, and to Purify and Strengthen a person or place. Lucky Mojo BLESSING products have many uses, ask us today how you can be Blessed with Lucky Mojo BLESSING spiritual supplies!
Lucky Mojo Cast Off Evil Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Things been going wrong for you lately? Are you feeling like Someone is Out to Get You? Try our line of Lucky Mojo CAST OFF EVIL products. Cast Off Evil is said to Reverse Negative Circumstances in your life and Rid you of Evil Influences.
Lucky Mojo Clarity Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
One of my favorite recipes to use in conjunction with Lucky Mojo Road Opener. Often times, our challenges in life come about because “We can not see the forest for the trees”. I have found in my practice, great results can be accomplished by applying equal amounts of Road Opener and Lucky Mojo Clarity products. Clarity does what its name implies; puts an end to confusion and unknowing, to gain insight and true seeing. If you are feeling weighted down by indecision, or overwhelmed with confusion, use Lucky Mojo Clarity products to clear away the mental or spiritual frustration.

If you would like to buy any of these
Wonderful Lucky Mojo Occult Supplies,
Please Purchase at: Lucky Black Cat Hoodoo & Root Shack on eBay
or visit us in-person at Dallas Hoodoo Drug Store.

Lucky Mojo Come To Me Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Draw your lover closer!  Or attract a new or unknown lover!  This Lucky Mojo Come To Me recipe is normally used with someone you know but can draw a new lover as well.  Come To Me includes genuine herbs for magical love drawing and essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. 
Lucky Mojo Commanding Hoodoo Condition Oil
Lucky Mojo Compelling Hoodoo Condition Oil
Lucky Mojo Court Case Hoodoo Condition Oil
Lucky Mojo Crown Of Success Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
“May all your works be crowned with success”.  For CAREER, SCHOOL and STAGE these Lucky Mojo Crown of Success products are the most widely purchased by customers in the know.  In these troubled times where jobs are at a premium and money tight, you can’t afford to loose your edge. 
Lucky Mojo Cut And Clear Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Just out of a Bad Relationship or wanting to leave one behind? Feeling Tied to one who Left you? Our line of Lucky Mojo CUT and CLEAR products have been said to break the Ties that Bind you to another. Some people swear by Lucky Mojo CUT and CLEAR products to Relieve the Pain of a Bad Relationship.
Lucky Mojo Dragon’s Blood Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Some Conjure Folk recommend Lucky Mojo DRAGON’S BLOOD to Ward off Evil and Remove Negative Influences from the Home. Lucky Mojo DRAGON’S BLOOD products have been said to bring Good Fortune in Love, Wealth, and Protection from Evil.
Lucky Mojo Essence Of Bend Over Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Essence of Bend Over is one in a line of similar command and controlling formulas, but unlike Compelling, Commanding and Controlling formulas, Essence of Bend Over is both more intimate and crueler. Use Essence of Bend Over products to rule and control an uncooperative lover or anyone you wish to see humbled and obedient. Don’t let your boss get away with disrespect; mix Essence of Bend Over with Boss Fix for an extra kick. If you are a woman and wish to fully dominate your man, mix Essence of Bend Over with Follow Me Boy.
Lucky Mojo Fast Luck Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Fast Luck, alleged to bring luck in a hurry in matters of money, love, and business, is one of the most famous Hoodoo recipes in American Hoodoo today.  This fast luck recipe has been known to those who need FAST LUCK since as early as 1930.  Fast Luck will draw money, luck and love QUICKLY.
Lucky Mojo Fire Of Love Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Some people have turned to Lucky Mojo FIRE of LOVE products to Keep a Marriage Happy and full of Passion. It is said that Lucky Mojo FIRE of LOVE can help with most types of Love Magic, especially for Long Term Relationships.

If you would like to buy any of these
Wonderful Lucky Mojo Occult Supplies,
Please Purchase at: Lucky Black Cat Hoodoo & Root Shack on eBay
or visit us in-person at Dallas Hoodoo Drug Store.

Lucky Mojo Fiery Wall Of Protection Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Lucky Mojo Fiery Wall of Protection products are a powerful SHIELD against your enemies, those who wish to do you harm, and those who slander your good name!  Do not let malicious spells or hostile intent harm yourself or your loved ones, use Lucky Mojo Fiery Wall of Protection products to STOP their attacks.
Lucky Mojo Follow Me Boy Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
To us, no one label is more evocative then the Lucky Mojo Follow Me Boy label.  The beautiful vintage label is as authentic as the recipe itself.  If you are a woman or gay man and wish to control or dominate your male partner these products will have him following you like a dog. 
Lucky Mojo Healing Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Are you Feeling Down, been Ill, or just in a General Malaise? Lucky Mojo HEALING products may be just the thing to Relieve your Stress, End your Sorrow, and bring about Health and Happiness.
Lucky Mojo Hotfoot Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Hot Foot is an old and well known Hoodoo formula, with a basis in African foot track Magic. Lucky Mojo HOT FOOT products are used to Rid yourself of Unwanted Guests, Lovers, or Enemies.
Lucky Mojo John Conqueror Hoodoo Condition Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Brought in chains but still a King! Here is the power of High John -- the laughter on the tongue, the strength in the muscle and the sharpness of the mind. To Defy, Overcome and grant that extra Masculine “something” we offer this fine line of HIGH JOHN products.
Lucky Mojo King Solomon Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Those People who wish to Increase their Mental and Intellectual Abilities have been known to turn to Lucky Mojo KING SOLOMON WISDOM spiritual supplies. Lucky Mojo KING SOLOMON WISDOM is said to confer added Clarity and Wisdom for Decision Making and Leadership.
Lucky Mojo Kiss Me Now Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Once known as Kiss Me Quick! Lucky Mojo Kiss Me Now is an old occult formula dating back to the 19th century. If you are looking for a GOOD TIME, and not expecting a long-term relationship, Kiss Me Now is the perfect choice of Lucky Mojo recipes to get hugged, kissed and MORE! This formula will draw someone new into your life, or turn that friend into a lover. If you are looking for immediate sexual luck, then LOOK no farther then Lucky Mojo Kiss Me Now products.
Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drops Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Are you a lesbian or gay man, and wishing to attract a new lover, or bring a known lover closer to you? The Lucky Mojo brand of Lavender Love Drops is specially designed for gay men and lesbians. I can personally recommend this product, it works like a charm on my girl friend, and it smells wonderful.
The Hoodoo tradition has a long standing history of making no judgments on a persons race, creed, religious affiliation, or sexual preference.
Lucky Mojo Load Stone Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Lodestones are used in Hoodoo for many Drawing and Attraction Formulas, the most basic of which is the Lucky Mojo LODESTONE line of products. Lucky Mojo LODESTONE products put an extra OOMPH in any Attraction work you are doing.

If you would like to buy any of these
Wonderful Lucky Mojo Occult Supplies,
Please Purchase at: Lucky Black Cat Hoodoo & Root Shack on eBay
or visit us in-person at Dallas Hoodoo Drug Store.

Lucky Mojo Love Me Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Don’t be frustrated by the confusion of a tepid love affair!  Get them to openly declare their feelings of love!  We all know how painful it is to love a person and not knowing if our love is returned.  Use Lucky Mojo Love Me products to draw your lover closer to you.  Keep your lover faithful; improve the romance, and generate passion. 
Lucky Mojo Money Drawing Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Money Drawing is an old formula that is used to draw income. If you need to draw money to yourself or your family, this is the NUMBER ONE Hoodoo oil for that condition. Use this oil on yourself by anointing your hands, on your money to draw more, on Vigil Candles to bring in more money.
Lucky Mojo Pay Me Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Does someone owe you money? Have promises for payment been made by not delivered? Are you tired of delays and excuses? Make them PAY you NOW. Lucky Mojo brand Pay Me products are designed to help you pursue legal claims, and get the money that is owed to you. Dress or smoke papers, anoint candles, and wash your clothes for that court date, and don’t let a lazy debtor continue to put you off with empty promises.
Lucky Mojo Prosperity Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Don’t we all need a little help these days to increase our PROSPERITY? How many of us dream about being independently wealthy? The place to start is with Lucky Mojo PROSPERITY products. A little anointing here, a little sprinkling there does the trick.
Lucky Mojo Protection Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Feeling Vulnerable? These days, as ever, people are concerned about Keeping Evil Away. Perhaps you should Shore up your Defenses with our Lucky Mojo PROTECTION line of products. Some have used Lucky Mojo PROTECTION products with great success, keeping Negative Influences from entering the Home and harming the Family.
Lucky Mojo Psychic Vision Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Those who wish to See the Future have been known to use PSYCHIC VISION aids like ours. Used for Clarity, Dreaming True and Seeing what Influences a situation, Lucky Mojo PSYCHIC VISION products are said to bring about Increased Understanding and Second Sight.
Lucky Mojo Reconciliation Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Has harsh words built a wall between you and your lover? Is someone else trying to break you up? Do you wish you just had ONE MORE CHANCE to mend fences and be together again? The Lucky Mojo Brand Reconciliation formula is said to bring estranged lovers back together, to heal emotional hurt and lay the foundations to regain trust and romance. These products are best used when you are still in contact with the other person. Satisfied customers claim these products work even when only one partner seeks reconciliation.
Lucky Mojo Return To Me Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Can you still hear the sound of that door closing behind them? The click of the phone as they said goodbye for the last time? Do you want to hear from them again, wish they would come home, get over those angry words last spoken? Then consider Lucky Mojo brand Return To Me products. This formula is designed to bring back a friend or lover who has walked out or left. Don’t loose the opportunity to undo those last words. Use Lucky Mojo Return To Me products when you’ve recently lost your friend or lover and need extra help to get them to come back.
Lucky Mojo Reversing Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
ad a string of Bad Luck? Feel like Nothing is going Right for you? You may be Jinxed by an Enemy. Try our line of Lucky Mojo REVERSING products and send Evil back where it came from. We have several different types of Lucky Mojo REVERSING products, ask us which one is best for you.

If you would like to buy any of these
Wonderful Lucky Mojo Occult Supplies,
Please Purchase at: Lucky Black Cat Hoodoo & Root Shack on eBay
or visit us in-person at Dallas Hoodoo Drug Store.

Lucky Mojo Road Opener Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Feeling Stuck? Feel like you are Going Nowhere in Life? You might be Blocked and the Paths to Happiness unavailable to you. Try our Lucky Mojo ROAD OPENING products to Remove Blockages and Open Paths to Good Fortune for yourself.
Lucky Mojo Stay With Me Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Make sure your mate is staying at home where they belong. Lucky Mojo Stay With Me formula is especially crafted with Rosemary, Blood Root, Coriander and other essential oils and natural herbs right in the bottle – designed to keep your mate from wandering, cheating or even leaving you behind while he’s off with his buddies. Our Lucky Mojo brand Stay With Me products can be used to wash your floors, anoint the corners of your room, dress candles or mojo bags, or worn as a perfume. Keep your mate faithful, loving, true to you. Satisfied customers use Lucky Mojo brand Stay With Me products to assure themselves of a loyal, happy spouse.
Lucky Mojo Steady Work Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Who wouldn’t want help maintaining a Steady Job? People have used Lucky Mojo STEADY WORK formula for just this Purpose. Protect your Job in these unstable times by using Lucky Mojo STEADY WORK products.
Lucky Mojo Uncrossing Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
These Lucky Mojo Uncrossing products are believed to bring an end to crossed conditions.  Recently divorced, separated from an angry lover or fired unfairly? Use our Lucky Mojo Uncrossing products to restore your natural good fortune. 
Lucky Mojo Van Van Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
If you are new to occult and wish to purchase only ONE authentic occult recipe then this is it.  All purpose, prepared from Oriental grasses, this Lucky Mojo Van Van recipe is used to clear away evil, change bad luck, open new opportunities and dress amulets and charms.   
Lucky Mojo Wealthy Way Hoodoo Condition Occult Oil
Ever Wish you had Wealth like those who seem to be Lucky in Life? Want to Draw Prosperity and Money to yourself? Some people have had Great Success with such products as our Lucky Mojo WEALTHY WAY line.




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Our team of certified occult practitioners include graduates of the Hoodoo Rootwork Course by catherine yronwode. All custom items done in accordance with authentic rootwork blessings, prayers, and practices.

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